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The way 2017 is shaping up, chances are you and your loved ones are carrying around a little extra stress. While there's still no impeachment adaptogen, there are plenty of plants and mushrooms, that when added to a healthy lifestyle, can greatly improve the way the body responds to stress. Here are our favorite Moondeli gifts for your loved ones, depending on the kind of stress they're feeling this year:

For The Can't Sleep, Won't Sleep, Up-All-Night Friend

Calming Adaptogen

Calming Adaptogen takes one of our planet's most revered (and most bitter-tasting) adaptogens, ashwagandha, and makes it taste like a delicious gingery chai. A spoonful added to lightly sweetened almond milk before bed will take your sleep-deprived friend and/or family member off to puffy cloud, sheep-studded dream land. Unlike acute sleep aids, ashwagandha isn't a sedative. Instead this sacred root helps get the body back into balance so that when bedtime rolls around, you're ready to do what nature intended—which in our opinion is stop scrolling through your %*@#! phone and get some rest!

For The Gourmand Who Goes Too Far


It's the holidays after all, so who can blame us for sneaking that second (or third) helping of pie. Some of us can handle it, we know our limits. But we've all got that one friend who seems to end every meal with a round of groans and moans. Dun, dun, da, dun! Golden Turmeric to the rescue! Just add a spoonful of this golden blend to plant milk or hot water with honey for the perfect after-the-feast, digestive-soothing elixir.

For Your "The News is Ruining My Love Life" Friend

We've all been there. Bliss can seem elusive these days. But that's why cacao exists. Our cult favorite Bliss Booster is an instant spicy guilt-and-sugar-free hot cocoa packed with the hormone-balancing power of maca root to help even the most anxious in your life get their grooves back.

For The "I've Tried Turmeric and Need Something Stronger" Friend

The Moondeli Reserve Collection is a great gift for anyone who thinks they know all their superfoods and have been there done that with the better known herbs. The three blends in this set not only come in a super luxurious glossy gift box, but they also dig deeper into the lesser known stress-fighting, reproductive system-enhancing, mindfulness-expanding adaptogens like Schisandra, Gotu Kola, Shatavari, and Holy Basil. 

For Your "I'm So Stressed I Can Only Handle Cute Things" Friend

The Moondeli Mini Set is the perfect place to start for that friend or loved one who only responds to things in small cute packages. This set includes each of our flagship wellness tonics in an adorable gift box with a recipe booklet and sticker sheet inside. Anyone who opens this kit is instantly transported into a giddy state of self care that even the most stressed out in your life can't deny.

The "I Wake Up and Look at My Phone And Immediately Have to go back to Sleep" Friend 

While Energy Tonic is one of our lesser known blends, its undoubtably our most powerful. This creamy powder incorporates three adaptogenic roots from around the world that have been used for centuries to wake up the mind and banish brain fog. Waking up can be hard any year, but for your friends who've spent the last year begging to stay in bed until 2020, Energy Tonic is the go-to blend.


Remember, no amount of tonic herbs will rid the world of evil (or overcome the effects of a lack of exercise, mindfulness, healthy diet, or meaningful connection to others). But adding a spoonful of plant intelligence here and there or creating a full-blown daily adaptogen ritual, will certainly put us all on a path towards a calming, less stressful future.

Happy Holidays, plant lovers, and Happy Gifting!

And if any of the "friends" on this list are also you, you know what to do: TREAT YOURSELF!

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