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No Stress, No Mess

The Ultimate Moondeli No Stress Holiday Gift Guide

The way 2017 is shaping up, chances are you and your loved ones are carrying around a little extra stress. While there's still no impeachment adaptogen, there are plenty of plants and mushrooms, that when added to a healthy lifestyle, can greatly improve the way the body responds to stress. Here are our favorite Moondeli gifts for your loved ones, depending on the kind of stress they're feeling this year: For The Can't Sleep, Won't Sleep, Up-All-Night Friend Calming Adaptogen takes one of our planet's most revered (and most bitter-tasting) adaptogens, ashwagandha, and makes it taste like a delicious gingery chai. A spoonful added to lightly sweetened almond milk before bed will take your sleep-deprived friend and/or family member off to puffy cloud, sheep-studded dream land. Unlike...
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